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Private yoga with puppies is a smile-guaranteeing experience among close friends or family. Gather colleagues, family members, friends, or other close ones for a private yoga session with puppies at a time of your choosing, surrounded only by people you know!

We can help organize any type of corporate event—business meetings, team building and strengthening, summer/winter parties, and more.

Corporate Events

Bachelorette parties


Create an unforgettable moment for yourself and your birthday guests! P.S. Birthday parties for children and teenagers under 18 are not organized.

This day is filled with various activities, and one of them can be yoga with puppies, surrounded by your dearest women.

We believe every idea is unique, so we would love to contribute to making your idea a reality.

Your ideas

What can you expect in a private yoga session with puppies?

Before the yoga practice begins, the instructor will apply natural essential oil to each participant’s wrist, which helps stimulate or relax through its scent.

The yoga poses performed are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The session concludes with Shavasana (a lying-down pose) accompanied by the therapeutic sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.

Puppies will be present throughout the session, offering kisses, inviting play, and spending time together.

Have ideas on how to enhance the yoga practice for your private event? Feel free to share!

We will help organize your private yoga session with puppies—contact us.
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