Discover inner peace with Woof Yoga

Woof Yoga - yoga classes designed for individuals seeking physical and emotional tranquility. These sessions take place surrounded by various breeds of small dogs, which help participants recharge with positive emotions and relax from daily stresses. Yoga with puppies is available in Kaunas and Vilnius.

Yoga sessions with dogs allow the merging of warmth and energy provided by both animals and humans, while practicing physical exercises and nurturing emotional health. Scientific studies have shown that yoga sessions with puppies can reduce stress and anxiety, provide relief from daily concerns, and increase the release of the happiness hormone serotonin in the body. This is a great opportunity to enjoy little moments of joy, and for the dogs, it’s a chance to explore a new environment, socialize, and experience new emotions, which contribute to their character development.

What our clients say

"If you're feeling sad during the day, have a lot of stress at work, or simply got out of bed on the wrong foot—the sweetest wagging tails and licks on the hands will help you forget everything. The best group sessions I've ever attended. Thank you."

- Šarūnė

"A wonderful experience, we returned full of good emotions. This is what brings joy to the body and soul, and the puppies filled us with warm emotions for a long time. Thank you."

- Odeta

"Woof Yoga sessions were an exceptionally pleasant and beneficial discovery! Thank you for the unique and joyful time!"

- Edvinas

Yoga classes

The yoga sessions are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, featuring Hatha Flow yoga, also known as classical yoga practice. During the sessions, various stretching, posture improvement, and breathing exercises are performed. However, each participant can choose the intensity of the exercises based on their health condition. If a puppy comes to you, you can always pause your practice momentarily to enjoy the companionship and the positive energy provided.

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